Secret Google Ranking Tips

Secrets Of Number One Google Search Engine Results

Google demands outstanding, natural written content to include in it’s listings and punishes substandard quality sites. If you know what you are doing you can still influence your Google search rankings using high-quality metrics.

Penalties are quickly levied on all websites found to be using ‘spam’ search engine optimisation methods.¬†If you are geared up to adapt to Googles criteria, you can still have an effect on your search engine rankings.

Over use of exact match Anchors and a high content keywords density for your most desired phrases and keywords is a red rag to a bull for Google to be able to assess the merit of your website as well as having hyperlinks from known link farms and links from undesirable link neighbourhoods.

These techniques will not boost your Google SERPs and will mostly have the opposite effect. Authority, quality and trust are evaluated before deciding on where you will get ranked in SERPs.

Social Sharing Signals

Its not easy to fake social websites sharing information which makes them useful for Google to trust. Reviews are another good indicator of Brand quality.

The trust & authority of your brand is getting to be a key measurement for achieving really good organic and natural serps.

Google applies a combination of user behaviour, relevance & quality and trust to position you for relevant key terms and phrases.

Search rankings used to be controlled by popularity indicators (backlinks). Poor quality indicators will devastate your search results.

For each and every query, Google is seeking to show the most beneficial page of content, serving suitable websites that:

  1. Load Quickly
  2. Have unique content
  3. Are liked by your visitors
  4. Link out to authority resources
  5. Are on a friendly IP addresses
  6. Are not associated with bad networks or neighbourhoods
  7. Are trusted with quality back-links
  8. Have Brand value

Being placed well in search engines just calls for your web site to comply with the list of necessary factors above, while also avoiding any of Google’s many content quality filters which will result in a SERPs penalty.

Your web-site can still achieve top search rankings, DeehoSEO MD Dave Holland says, “it’s just a matter of providing Google with the quality data it wants while also avoiding triggering any of its spam filters that will damage your targeted traffic.”

One of the easiest ways to damage your web traffic is to not be mobile friendly. Without spending a fortune, designers such as can build fast, effective websites for you that will deliver everything you need in terms of performance.