Apprenticeship Training

The Apprenticeship Solution

Given the choice between 3 years at university, £40,000+ of debt and a qualification that is increasingly being valued less and less by employers, or working 4 days a week in a real business, training at college 1 day per week on an apprenticeship, earning a qualification that will help your career progression while not accumulating any debt…. which one makes the most economic sense for most students?

Modern apprenticeship courses aren’t just for brickies, plumbers or carpenters, there are a wide range of traineeship and Continue reading Apprenticeship Training

Secret Google Ranking Tips

Secrets Of Number One Google Search Engine Results

Google demands outstanding, natural written content to include in it’s listings and punishes substandard quality sites. If you know what you are doing you can still influence your Google search rankings using high-quality metrics.

Penalties are quickly levied on all websites found to be using ‘spam’ search engine optimisation methods. If you are geared up to adapt to Googles criteria, you can still have an effect on Continue reading Secret Google Ranking Tips

Construction Plant, Hire Or Buy?

Construction Plant, Hire Or Buy?

Material movement and construction equipment can represent a considerable investment to a business, but can be seen as a long term investment of capital.

Static plant will have a more or less continuous role to play, but that involved in say, road and building construction are exposed to market fluctuations of growth and decline, and currently, hiring would probably seem the Continue reading Construction Plant, Hire Or Buy?