Apprenticeship Training

The Apprenticeship Solution

Given the choice between 3 years at university, £40,000+ of debt and a qualification that is increasingly being valued less and less by employers, or working 4 days a week in a real business, training at college 1 day per week on an apprenticeship, earning a qualification that will help your career progression while not accumulating any debt…. which one makes the most economic sense for most students?

Modern apprenticeship courses aren’t just for brickies, plumbers or carpenters, there are a wide range of traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities available for office positions, sales, customer services and marketing as well as the more traditional courses.

Degree Course Costs

Universities typically charge around £9,000 per year regardless of the quality of the degree you enrol on, and this is set to rise to up to £17,000 per year in the near future.

For many people this level of debt is too much to contemplate and many students don’t want to have the millstone around their necks for years to come. Many students are likely to never pay back the full debt incurred.

By contrast, an apprenticeship is a self financing way to learn skills and gain valuable experience and qualifications. For many students, this is the wise choice.